Looking To Expand Your Home?

Looking To Expand Your Home?

Get help from a planning and zoning attorney in Somerville, NJ

Since the municipality sets guidelines and laws when it comes to land use, a new construction project is always a legal matter-even for a property you already own. Whether you're looking to add a new room to your house or finally install that pool you always wanted, make sure you hire a zoning and planning attorney to avoid potential conflicts.

The Law Office Of Eric S. Wasser offers legal zoning services to residential and commercial clients in Somerville, NJ and throughout the state of New Jersey. Eric. S Wasser was the attorney for the Somerville municipal planning board for 27 years and understands the ins and outs of land use law. He can explain your options and help you submit a proposal with the best chance of success. Call 908-707-8700 to speak with an experienced planning and zoning attorney today.

How an attorney can help

Building your project might seem to be as simple as submitting a proposal. But you'll want a skilled attorney on your side if your proposal ends up in dispute. Team up with attorney Eric. S Wasser because he can...

  • Appear in front of zoning and planning boards to negotiate on your behalf
  • Review your proposal to help you avoid errors, legal conflicts and potential delays
  • Defend your rights if groups or individuals challenge your project proposal

Help your project go as smoothly as possible with legal zoning services from the Law Office Of Eric S. Wasser. Contact us today.